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Catalog > Girls > Organic Bath and Body
Organic Bath and Body
The easiest way to boost your natural beauty?  Make friends with your skin.  After all, you're going to be in that skin your whole life.  So how does a fun-loving, glamour girl buddy-up to her delicate dermis?  Easy, say, "No way," to the icky chemicals and toxins that make up the majority of make-up, bath and beauty products, and say, "Yes" to all natural, all safe, practically edible, but seriously glamorous, Sparklehearts.
98.6% natural and made from organic ingredients  
Time tested and proven effective  
Made in the USA, ensuring high quality and safety 
Fragrant with a naturally sweet signature scent 
Made without artifical colors 
NEVER tested on animals 
Environmentally friendly... Rocking some serious style in 100% recycled packaging.

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